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About us

Our name - Citta is a Pali word that means Heart/Mind. In Burmese, the word is pronounced as Sait-tat. It not only refers to the intellectual mind but also the emotive mind. It is closely linked to motivation and cognitive condition. This name represents us because our area of focus and expertise is in shifting paradigms for the heart/mind of individuals and organizations.

Who we are - We are a group of health care, social work, and business professionals that believes in the psychosocial development is just as important as economic development of our people.

What we do - We provide training workshops and support groups to improve wellness, consultation on leadership skills and cultural wellness, coordinating linkages to resources, and design and implementation of wellness programs to transform and develop our most valuable assets - the human capital.

How we do it - We accomplish our goals through qualitative assessments, referrals to psychosocial and other service providers, short-term solution-focused counseling, consultation and coaching, wellness workshops and support groups, learning conferences, wellness education pamphlets, newsletters and other publications, and cultural brokerage.

With whom we do it - We help businesses, schools, institutions, and civil societies. We see the whole system as inter-related and interdependent. Community and institutional wellness impact industries and successful industries impact communities and institutions. Change in any one level will produce change in other levels.

Why we do it - We believe in human value and that the human mind/heart is a powerful thing. Human beings are gifted with creativity that will provide the impetus for problem resolution, transformation and growth. 

How we work

We are a social impact enterprise and we work in a cooperative, supportive environment. We make sure there is work-life balance and that every staff is valued with their input into our projects and workflow processes. We have flexible work conditions.

What we look for

We are looking for people who are initiative and motivated, and people who care to make a difference in building the human abilities of the people in our country. We are looking for people who believe that work is not just for making salary, but also a deeper personal meaning and social purpose. We want people who make working fun!

Quick facts

Company type
Employer (Private Sector)


Banydardalar Road 320-322
Yangon Tamwe
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