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Family Entertainment Group သည္ free to air channel တစ္ခုျဖစ္ေသာ 5Plus ရုပ္သံလိုင္းတစ္ခုျဖစ္ျပီး မိသားစုမ်ားအပန္းေျဖ၊ ဗဟုသုတမ်ားရရွိရန္ ထုတ္လႊင့္ေပးေနေသာ Media Entertainment တစ္ခုျဖစ္ပါသည္။

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5 Network Jobs in Myanmar - more about the company

Born out of the media organisation, the Forever Group, the network is a collection of pay-per-view channels providing a variety of programming to the Myanmar market. In 2005, the Forever Group launched the very first paid viewing television in the country, marking the birth of 5 Network.

Being part of the Forever Group provides 5 Network with extensive knowledge from a leader in the television and radio market in the country. This also means that Network 5 careers create the opportunity to grow into a larger group with even more options and challenges. Almost 20 years in the business means that the group has excellent knowledge of Myanmar’s media industry and possesses extensive insight into the media requirements within the country. The group also prides itself on its humble yet dynamic approach, which includes the desire for constant learning. Such an approach provides a solid foundation for innovation.

What do they offer?

The main services offered by 5 Network are the provision of the channels 5 Movies and 5 Series, both of which provide programming in these areas. There is a growing social demand in the country for this kind of programming that has been said to have been underprovided in recent years. Accordingly, Network 5 services an important segment in the country.

Despite being late to start and slow to gain traction, Myanmar’s media industry is experiencing rapid innovation at present. The Government has opened up the market to create greater competition and the result has been an increase in the number of players competing with the likes of ESPN and Fox also entering the market. Economically, ownership of television sets is increasing exponentially with many more homes owning TV sets each year. This is expanding the market for media services, in turn creating a greater demand for 5 Network jobs. With technological innovation, these television sets are also becoming cheaper to produce, aiding the growth in this market.

What kind of vacancies exist with the organisation?

In a growing organisation such as this, 5 Network vacancies exist in a number of disciplines involved with the complex task of running a TV channel. Such roles include production, IT, and marketing. As the industry grows, the appetite for programmes from non-Burmese speakers is also increasing. As a result, there is also a heightened demand for translation vacancies from an organisation expanding their international presence. Vacancies in the company are mostly in Yangon, meaning the company benefits from being at the heart of one of Myanmar’s most dynamic cities.

5 Network careers offer you the chance to be part of one of Myanmar’s most innovative industries that is experiencing excellent growth. The future looks very bright for the organisation, which means a job with them clearly provides excellent potential for career development and personal growth.

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Broadcasting / Music / Film
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Employer (Private Sector)


Laydawngkan 166
Yangon Tarmwe
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