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Contract Type:
Full time
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Company Details

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Preferred Candidate

Career level:
Manager (supervisor of staff)
Bachelor's degree
Minimum years of experience:
5-7 years

Professional Skills

Management skills, Communication skills, Computer skills, Coordination skills

Language Skills

Myanmar, English

Job Description

  • Ensure that it follow the policies and procedures strictly, and be fully responsible for the branch office operations as well as properties;
  • Supervising overall operations of the branch office to ensure that branch office reach the target population and financial sufficiency;
  • Ensuring full repayment of clients and assist SLO and LO in handling delinquent loans and clients;
  • Quarterly evaluation of SLO and LO and set their quarterly performance targets to reach branch office full productivity within 1 year;
  • Conducting mass orientation meeting in new wards/ village tracks to promote the program;
  • Assisting LO in recruiting new clients in visiting and screening them;
  • Approving new loans for clients;
  • Making decision on collection point location and its repayment collection day to make sure ABM, SLO and LO can reach high productivity;
  • Conducting new client and group recognition at the group meeting site and disburse loans at branch office, e.g., receiving cash repayment from SLO and LO;
  • Preparing the expense vouchers of branch office;
  • Visiting at least 2 collection points a day to cross check loan promoter's registers;
  • Assisting and checking SLO and LO's registers to make sure their registers updated accurately, fully and on time;
  • Preparing /verifying branch office's weekly and monthly working plan (including visits to clients, cash flow forecast, borrower's orientation training, repayment collection, and new loan disbursement);
  • Especially adjusted repayment collection plan if the regular collection days fall in public holidays and when a SLO of LO is on leave;
  • Assisting SLO and LO in negotiating collection points and time with clients to ensure high efficiency
  • Updating all branch manager's registers accurately, fully and on time;
  • Reporting to Head of Office fully and on time as required, and reporting immediately any delinquencies, cash deficiency and / or any other problem;
  • Serving in place of SLO and LO if necessary when they are on leave;
  • Maintaining inventory list of fixed assets of branch office.
  • Responsible for feedback and report to Credit Manager through mainly responsible for fully repayments of clients;
  • Complete the task when supervisor assign;

Position Requirements

  • Microfinance experience and Management about (5) years in Company (or) NGO,INGO
  • Working experience in rural activities is desirable.
  • Any Graduate level
  • Financial & Accounting knowledge
  • Communication skills and ability to facilitate discussions with groups and individuals
  • Able to apply regulations and discipline.
  • Knowledge of local community
  • Willingness to spend extensive time in the field
  • Sense of responsibility and honesty.
  • Independence, dependability and accountability
  • Able to communicate and to build collaboration with other staff
  • Myanmar languages spoken and written, bases of English will be appreciated.
  • Capacity to visit Project villages by motorbike (motorbike driving license required)

About the Company


IBK CAPITAL MYANMAR is brand-new Microfinance company.

* Microfinance means issuing micro-credit to the basic class people, receiving deposits from them, carrying out remittance, doing insurance business, borrowing money from local and abroad and carrying out other financial activities. [The Microfinance Business Law Chapter I. 2. (a)]

IBK CAPITAL MYANMAR is a 100% subsidiary company of IBK CAPITAL and IBK which is the abbreviation for Industrial Bank of Korea.



IBK Capital Myanmar ဟာ အေသးစားေငေခးလုပ္ငန္းစု အသစ္ဖစ္ပတယ္။

* အေသးစားေငေခးလုပ္ငန္းဆိုသည္မာ အေခခံလူတန္းစားအား အေသးစားေခးေငထုတ္ေပးခင္း၊ ယင္းတိုထံမ အပ္ေငလက္ခံခင္း ၊ေငဲေပာင္း၊ ေပးပို႔ျခင္း၊ အာမခံလုပ္ငန္းလုပ္ကိုင္ခင္း၊ ပည္တင္းပည္ပမ ေငေခးယူခင္းႏွင့္ အခားေငေရးေကးေရး လုပ္ငန္းမားေဆာင္ရက္ခင္းတိုကို ဆိုသည္။[The Microfinance Business Law Chapter I. 2. (a)]

IBK capital Myanmar ဟာ ကိုရီးယားအေခစိုက္ ကိုရီးယား စက္မဘဏ္ (Industrial Bank of Korea) ရဲ ၁၀၀% လက္ေအာက္ခံ ကုမၸဏီ ဖစ္တဲ့ IBK capital ရဲ မန္မာရံုးခဖစ္ပတယ္။ is a free platform for Job seekers. If an Employer asks for any kind of payment, reimbursement, or personal financial information, please report this by clicking on the Report Abuse link.