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Accelerating technology innovations in Myanmar.
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About us

We at InyaLand provide Business Technology Consulting, ICT Distribution and System Integration Solutions as one of the premier technology companies in Myanmar. We partner with world-leading technology firms to distribute and offer best in class products and services to our clients – IT and mobile retail partners, system integration partners, as well as local and global SME and large companies. We distribute a full array of ICT products and solutions on enterprise network infrastructure, network security, unified communications, video surveillance and analytics, servers and storage, cloud computing, ERP and CRM applications, software, printing, end-user devices as well as IT and mobile accessories. In addition, we provide value-added support and integration services to our retail and SI partners. Moreover, we offer one-stop full-service Business Technology & System Integration Solutions to local and global enterprise clients, ranging from overall ICT infrastructure and data centers to customized business solutions and outsourced IT support services. We are growing and always looking for exceptionally talented individuals who are ready to contribute as collaborative team players for long-term success of InyaLand in order to fulfill our vision and mission. More info on our culture at

What we look for

Finding A Cultural Fit – Are we culturally fit for each other? - Are you a good person with uncompromising integrity and business ethics? - Are you highly ambitious but humble? - Do you have a good attitude with strong dose of optimism and reality? - Do you have high confidence in yourself and your ability to learn quickly? - Do you believe in delivering extraordinary customer service? - Do you believe in creating tremendous value for the company and its clients? - Would you love to have excellent career development opportunities? - Would you love to get a wonderful chance to grow in your chosen field? - Would you love to improve your English skills significantly within next 3 years? - Would you love to write well and do great presentations within next 3 years? - Would you love to pursue personal/professional growth and learning relentlessly? - Would you love to achieve unimaginably higher performance via undivided focus on processes? - Would you love to take on new and huge challenges and conquer them well? - Would you love to overcome too much stress associated with work and be triumphant? - Would you love to do cool stuff that enriches the lives of Myanmar people? - Would you love to be passionate and determined about what you do? - Would you love to embrace competition and innovate? - Would you love to be punctual? - Would you love to pursue excellence? - Would you love to work with a can-do attitude? - Would you love to deliver WOW through service? - Would you love to be professional and accountable? - Would you love to do more with less (lean startup principles)? - Would you love to be more adventurous, creative and open-minded? - Would you love to embrace and drive change so that we can always be better? - Would you love to continuously improve business processes for greater productivity? - Would you love to strive to have the best expertise and skillsets in the industry? - Would you love to do charitable community service and be socially responsible? - Would you love to have an active lifestyle and avoid smoking, chewing betel nuts and the like? - Would you love to build open and honest relationships with great communication? - Would you love to develop a positive team and family spirit? - Would you love to infuse fun and a little weirdness to the workplace? - Would you love to create a great work environment for the firm and its employees via your energy? - Would you love to care about your fellow employees and the company? - Would you love to be a collaborative team player with primary focus on success for the company? - Would you love to work with great A team players who bring their A game every day? - Would you love to grow as a devoted employee leader for long-term, not short-term? - Would you love to become a successful employee owner with meaningful equity by 2020? - Would you love to be committed to a high-growth business that cares? If you say yes to all of the above, you will most likely have a cultural fit with InyaLand. In addition, we expect all our employees to bring:- Professionalism, integrity, and accountability- Ability to learn quickly on the job- Excellent customer service orientation - Love of learning and innovation- Pursuit of excellence and fun - Collaboration, can-do attitude, and care for others - Willingness to devote long term commitment- Superb English skills - Excellent written/oral communication, computer, organizational, and analytical skills. Furthermore, a minimal commitment of 3 years is required to grow and take your career to the next level while we invest in you continuously and offer competitive compensation packages with various benefits. Hope you will review our available job opportunities and consider joining us at InyaLand.

Quick facts

Computer / IT
Company type
Employer (Private Sector)


Thanlwin & Inya Rd, Bahan 30-C
Yangon 11201
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