Find Accounting and Auditing jobs in Myanmar

Finding Accounting jobs and Auditing jobs in Myanmar is not so difficult. Accounting is the backbone of any business. It is the way to keep track of the financial health of an organization. In Myanmar, the jobs market is booming. Foreign investment is rapidly increasing and businesses are in tough competition. This means more and more deals are being closed, raising the demand for accountants to keep an overview of the budget and structure financial transactions.

Careers in audit and accounting: what job can you do?

In Myanmar, careers in audit and accounting are predominantly offline. Internet is on the rise, but online accounting software is not widely used yet. Therefore, an accountant in Yangon or Mandalay needs to be able to file all receipts and invoices and keep track of the cashier book. All this information needs to be entered in a data system so that the company has a good overview of its financial situation.
An accountant in Myanmar might also be asked to collect cash at a customer and do bank deposits. Businesses might also employ internal auditors to perform regular internal audits, controlling the financial processes within the company and ensuring the company runs as efficient as possible.
Soon, internet will change the accounting and auditing industry in Myanmar. Online accounting software like Quickbooks will become more popular and online banking transactions will increase. This means accountants and auditors will have to learn new skills. There are several opportunities for Auditor jobs in Myanmar. Navigate our website to find the perfect one for you.

Which studies should you do to work in accounting and auditing?

Studying accounting is becoming more popular in Myanmar. Many educational institutes, like the Myanmar Accountancy Council in Yangon offers local youth the opportunity to start their careers in in this challenging industry. They offer courses in management accounting and financial accounting for example. Still, these kind of jobs should not be confused with job opportunities in finance. It is a separate study and students have to complete years of hard work to get their diploma.
In short, this job industry is very exciting. It is hard work, but now that so many businesses are entering the Myanmar market, the need for qualified accountants is very high. If you are looking to start a new career and you are organized and good with numbers, take a look and find the perfect job on our website.