Careers in Advertising and Public Relations in Myanmar

With the business and the industrial growth that Myanmar has been witnessing, there has been a growing demand from industries for advertising and public relations activities.
Advertising and PR activities are two different activities but both aim at promoting and spreading goodwill and awareness about products and services of an organization. All around Myanmar one would observe lots of advertising activities from giant billboards to television commercials. Roles in advertising vary from creative designers to managerial roles such as campaign managers and client portfolio managing. The role of a PR manager, for instance, is to maintain the reputation of the firm. A PR officer’s major role comes when there are official communications done from the company.

Entry level job in Advertising and PR

Entry level requirements may vary across the wide spectrum roles the industry offers. Creative positions may require a design or arts degree while a managerial role may ask for a business qualification. At the entry level in the creative department, new employees may be required to take part in the development of a specific display: poster, tv or radio advertisement, or other brand content. A PR officer at the entry level may be expected to write initial drafts for press releases or develop other relevant contents for such purposes. For PR roles, graduates may be expected to have extra qualifications in media and communications.

Application Process in the Industry

Myanmar’s advertising and PR industry is showing a promising phase in terms of employment. There is no standard application process for an entry into the industry. Advertising and PR firms come up with job openings from time to time. The job openings mostly vary across different roles. More established firms have a structured scheme of intake, while small firms may adopt a bit informal approach.