Construction industry in Myanmar

Due to both the economic liberalization that is happening in the country and increasing demand of property by both the industrial and private sectors, Myanmar is seeing the renaissance of construction industry.
In 2013, the Myanmar Ministry of Construction announced announced its intention to build more than one million houses around the country in the next 20 years. According to this plan, yearly 50 000 houses should be constructed, creating big amount of construction industry jobs Myanmar. But according to the Department of Human Settlement, only 7 000 houses are currently being built. Therefore the government is planning to cooperate with the private construction sector.
The government is also planning to invest resources in building infrastructures, for example the new Hanthawaddy International airport at Bago. Industrial construction is the next important step in the burmese construction activity.
Due to the growing urbanization, cities are in need of more developed infrastructure. Electricity supply (right now Myanmar has only 26% electrification ratio across the country), running water and telecommunication coverage are priorities for the government. Covering all those needs will attract investors in Myanmar’s construction industry as well.
Recently, the Myanmar Ministry of Electric Power announced tenders on power and natural gas to supply electricity to Yangon industrial zones.
Providing these services will also require the construction of power plants, so even more growth for the construction industry in Myanmar.

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Professionals constructors of all specializations are needed: electricians, masons, carpenters, etc., but also designers, project managers, architectural engineers, accountants and lawyers to take care of the construction business.
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