Looking for a job related to Distribution and Logistics in Myanmar?

Distribution and Logistics involves managing resources and products, which can include all physical items like food, equipment, or other commodities, from the factory to the warehouse and then to the store or supermarket. In short, logistics means managing the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption.

In Myanmar the logistics sector is rising fast and is going to be one of the main businesses soon. Because of low production costs, many different kinds of manufacturing are being created and are hiring logistics experts. Consumption is rising and more and more supermarket are opening their doors in Myanmar, generating many new job openings in the distribution sector. Therefore, there are many logistic jobs available and you could start your career in logistics soon.

Which types of jobs can you do in the distribution and logistics industry?

If job titles may vary, the role remains the same: Logistic Manager, Operations Analyst, Warehouse Manager or Logistic Officer their job is to reduce costs and optimize, analyze and model the complexity of logistics. Furthermore the minimization of the use of resources is a common goal.

Most of logistics specialist are educated with a Bachelor or Master degree in logistics management or economic courses. This is the best qualification you can have, but professional experience in fields of logistics or procurement is definitely a plus.

Your responsibilities in the logistics industry can be very different. You will have to prepare project plans, maybe handle import and export of goods and work constantly to improve processes. Because of this, you should have strong analytical, planning and managing skills.

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