Looking for Education and Teaching jobs in Myanmar?

Education and teaching jobs are very rewarding but difficult ones. As a country’s level of education is directly proportional to the progress of a country, it’s really important to improve the education system in Myanmar. In Myanmar, the educational system has been deteriorating for a long time. Teaching methods are a little outdated, which means there is a high need for qualified teachers in all different kind of subjects.

Education and teaching careers: which jobs?

The jobs available in Teaching and Education careers are mainly teacher jobs. Although you can also find other positions in schools, as Assistants, to help take care of the kids, prepare teaching material and assist teachers.

As Myanmar government is starting to focus on Education, it’s likely to get more budgets for Education soon. This means some classes for teachers to update teaching methods are going to open up and teachers’ salary is going to be higher than before in governmental schools. But today, the conditions are very different from town to town. While some teachers are working in the increasing private schools, some are working in the rural places where there is no electricity or good transportation.

Which skills and studies do I need to become a teacher in Myanmar?

It’s not very difficult to become a teacher in Myanmar because every high school graduates who get above 360 marks in their matriculation examination can join educational colleges and universities. After graduating from educational colleges and universities, teachers can work at governmental schools or private schools.

In terms of personal skills, you need to be patient, to have good communication and teaching skills as well as a good presentation. Obviously, you need yourself to be skillful and very knowledgeable. Although it’s easy to become a teacher in Myanmar, it’s really difficult to become a skillful, good and qualified teacher. Teachers do require not only practical qualifications but also a good personality with a lot of patience to explain different subjects to children in a way that they don’t lose interest. A teacher’s manner in the classroom has a big impact on a student’s entire life.

The opportunities for teachers in Myanmar are rising and it’s really great for Myanmar young people who want to be a teacher. If you are willing to do this noble teaching job that you can get high salary in the near future, our website is for you to search a perfect job.