Find jobs in engineering companies in Myanmar

Graduates of engineering science or technicians will find exciting jobs in Myanmar. The growing industry needs more and more experts in different fields of engineering like construction industry, automotive, chemical or electrical engineering.
Furthermore businesses which have their own department for development and research or companies in mechanical industry needs qualified applicants as well.
Quit scanning magazines or newspapers for interesting jobs in the engineering industry. It is easy to find your perfect engineering job online wherever in Myanmar.

What qualifications are needed to work the the field of engineering?

If you are motivated, well organized, good with numbers and own excellent mathematical skills you will find technical jobs in Myanmar easily.
An important requirement of many firms is a engineering degree whether in which field of engineering. Studying is a more popular way in Myanmar to keep track on any occupational field especially in technical jobs. For this reason many universities offers the opportunity to study subjects of different engineering sectors. With your Bachelor or Master degree you will have increased chances on the job market.
Additionally companies are not only looking for engineering students. There is also an increasing request for well educated technicians with work experience and expert knowledge. For example industrial sectors of electrical, automobile or energy supply are challenging fields in this industry. Typical tasks for engineers are to construct prototypes with designing softwares, to solve technical problems or to analyse physical, chemical and biological processes.

The best jobs in the field of engineering: offers many vacancies

To start your professional career in Myanmar our job website is the best place to begin your search. Create your CV and apply to one of your favourite companies in different fields of engineering.