Looking for Hotel jobs in Myanmar?

As tourism industry is developing rapidly in Myanmar, hotels are fully booked mostly all the time. Many visitors from foreign countries are coming in because of many interesting, ancient places in Myanmar. At the same time, the needs of employers for hotels business are rising and the demand for hotel jobs with them.

What kind of job can you do in the Hotel / Hospitality industry?

Hotel Managers and Hotel Assistant Managers

A hotel manager is responsible for all hotel operations and overseeing all staffs. Hotel managers normally have to cooperate with other departments, such as human resources, housekeeping and accounting departments. A successful hotel manager needs to have excellent leadership skills. Hotel managers should be able to lead hotel personnel and communicate with other managers of various departments. The hotel manager should act as a bridge between the hotel guests and the hotel staffs. The manager sometimes has to resolve disputes and make sure the hotel is running well economically without financial failure. His or her Assistant is here to help in all those tasks.

Cooks, Barman/Barmaid, Waiter/Waitress…

In most hotel, there is a restaurant and a bar. That is why the hotel industry also needs waiters, barmen and cooks to run their establishment. The reputation of a hotel also depends on the food so they often recruit high profile cooks.


Obviously, not a hotel on earth could function without housekeepers. They are the ones who clean the room between check-ins and check-outs, in a minimum amount of time. Within housekeeping, in large hotels, you can find floor managers as well.

Front office / front desk assistants and Receptionists

Front Desk Assistants and Receptionists are the one welcoming customers in the hotel. They are the first person they see and they will be the ones they will complain too if necessary. They are also in charge of handling billing, check-ins and check-outs.

Which qualification do you need to work in the hotel industry in Myanmar?

It obviously depends on the type of job you do in the hotel industry.

Housekeeping doesn’t require any specific bachelor or master. Experience in a similar role is appreciated but not necessary. Precision, rapidity and organization are useful skills to have for this job.

To be a Chef. Waiter or Barman in a hotel, you will need a diploma in the field. There are plenty of courses you can attend. Passion for the field as well as creativity and communication skills (for waiters) are essential.

For all the other roles, from Receptionist Hotel Manager, there are many hotel management courses that are opening in Myanmar now. A bachelor degree is necessary to join those courses and some courses offer even job training for excellent students. After finish job training, students can apply for jobs in the hotel industry.

Since he has to be a leader, a hotel manager must have good communication skills, not only verbal but also written. The manager is the person who can make a hotel famous, and so, he or she must be good at communicating with customers in a knowledgeable and articulate manner. The acumen is necessary because a hotel manager might be expected to make hard decisions.

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