Jobs in the Hospital and medical sector of Myanmar

As the economy is growing, Myanmar is now getting enough resources to increase the spendings on the healthcare sector.
For fifty years now Myanmar is one of the ASEAN countries with the lowest investment rate in the healthcare system. It i however growing steadily and doubled since 2013, reaching 3,9% of the GDP, approximately $450 million USD. Healthcare sector is also opened for foreign investments. Government is allowing up to 70% of foreign ownership in hospitals and clinics.

The growing amount of investments is creating more and more opportunities for jobs in medical and hospital sectors, both for junior specialists as well as for experienced managers.

What type of jobs can you find in the medical & hospital industry in Myanmar

The hospital industry is still in its development phase and there are a lot of job opportunities in all kind of fields. Don’t miss the chance to build a career in fast developing sector of economy!

First of all Jobs in Medical and Hospital Sector of Myanmar are of course for professionals involved in providing medical services to people.
Medical sector is in need of the following specialists:

  • Doctor
  • Anaesthetist
  • Dentist
  • Surgeon
  • Nurse

Hospitals also need staff to run properly, not only people with a medical degree can join this industry. You can be involved in the healthcare services as the following:

  • Receptionist
  • Hospital administrator
  • Security officer
  • Pharmacist
  • IT specialist and many more

Jobs in Medical & Hospital Sector are not only well paid and prestigious, but also gives a feeling of fulfillment and happiness, being involved in helping people and saving lives. Browse our offer and join the medical sector now!