The restaurant industry: a place of multiple job opportunities in Myanmar

Restaurant and Food services jobs include catering services, restaurants, canteens, cafeterias, and so on. Food jobs are various and cover many different aspects depending on your qualities. Restauration is essentially about the kitchen, where the cook and his kitchen staff are preparing the dishes.
But it also includes hospitality jobs, such as waiter/waitresses , and jobs that combine the two, such as barista or bartender. If your qualification are more towards business, a position as a restaurant manager will suit you perfectly.

Food Service jobs in Myanmar

There are a lot of restaurants in Burma, from fast food joints to gourmet restaurants, not forgetting the small family-owned places. The food delivery industry in particular is getting big and the demand for deliverers is growing. They are all constantly hiring. Whether you already have experience or not in the restaurant sector, you can always apply for a vacancy:

  • Cook and Chef
  • Bartender
  • Busboy / Washer up
  • Waiter

Jobs for every profile in the food sector

The food industry offers multiple opportunities for any kind of qualification level, whether you are looking for a full-time position of a seasonal job. Being a delivery driver can be a perfect part time job for students in the summer. You do not need a lot of experience for this type of position: you can learn a lot about waiting tables in just a few days, depending on how fancy the place is.
Beside entry-level jobs, you can also find highly qualified jobs in the Food Service industry, such as Chef or Butler in a fine restaurant, interim or full-time. For this kind of position, you will need a diploma, professional experience and references from previous restaurants.