Tourism and Travel services jobs in Myanmar

If you are looking for promising opportunities, you should probably take your chance for a job in the tourism and travel industry. Thanks to the growing number of international tourists coming to the country, Myanmar is in need of more: more hotels and staff, more transportation services, more restaurants and hospitality staff, more interpreters, more guides, everything that is needed to ensure people on holidays have an amazing experience no matter how many visits they’ve had. The word is out that Myanmar is the next travel destination and as a result the number of tourism and travel services jobs is only going to grow. Especially considering the country has a rich cultural history to offer visitors, an abundance of attractions and spectacular natural sites – like the Shwedagon Pagoda or the Ngapali Beach.

It’s not only that the country is now seen as a hot travel destination, but there has been a large reduction in the number of international sanctions against it. This means international funds are flooding into the country, giving rise to new infrastructure, new hotels and new restaurants. Combine all of these factors and it means there will be a large influx of new tourism and travel services vacancies in Myanmar.

What kind of employers have vacancies in the tourism and travel industry?

If you are looking for promising opportunities with a reputable organisation, you should do yourself a favour and seek out a job in the tourism and travel industry. Not only is the industry growing, but there are quite a few big name companies operating in the country. One company with a number of tourism and travel services jobs is Exo Travel Myanmar or Golden Rock Travel & Tours. There are also a number of tour guide companies that offer amazing packages to tourists wanting to see as much of the country as they can. Not all of the companies are large corporations, some of them are smaller organisations and survive based on their communication skills. There are companies that need all sorts of positions filled, the number of jobs and types of jobs aren’t limited to one particular specialty – which is great news if you’re looking for your next opportunity in this industry in Myanmar.

What kind of jobs can you find in the tourism and travel industry?

The tourism and travel industry is like any kind of industry, the businesses that operate under this umbrella require the same kind of services as many other places. For example: almost every organisation will require accounting and financial services to help run the organisation. If you specialise in speaking more than one language, you’re likely to find your services in high demand. Many tour operators will need people who are multilingual. Below are some common roles and a brief description of each:

  • Event coordinator
    • Organises most events, functions and sometimes presentations
  • Hotel Manager
    • Ensure the smooth operation of the hotel, will also need to deal with customers and any issues they might have
  • Driver
    • Will usually drive a vehicle for tour companies or support vehicles for the services industry
  • Tour Guide
    • Provides assistance, guidance, information and important cultural or historical information to visitors on organised tours or individual tours

One of the most common types of jobs you can find in this industry is in hospitality. Every restaurant, hotel, and cafe will require staff to ensure their business runs. Hospitality is a large category of jobs, so you’ll find opportunities ranging from dishwasher, wait staff all the way up to a head chef.

Whatever your specialty or preference you’ll find plenty of tourism and travel services jobs in Myanmar. If you’re looking for your next dream job or opportunity you should see what has to offer, it only takes a few minutes to register.