Jobs in the Transportation Industry in Myanmar

The migration of people and goods is an essential industry in the 21st Century. In the increasingly interconnected marketplace, goods and people are travelling further distances. Once what would have been considered impossibly far is now achievable in a matter of hours or days; the limits of transportation have moved. The industry is vast and growing, with an increasing number of positions available in Myanmar’s economy. It is truly global, involving both domestic and international transportation and storage. That is not to say, however, that it only involves the movement of goods and people over large distances. The industry is essential at a local level too, meaning its scope runs from the smallest to the largest distances and items. Each country and market has different capabilities and demands meaning that the vacancies in transportation vary between nations.

Politically, Myanmar’s Government has recently invested in transport infrastructure within the region to boost the movement of people and goods. Economic GDP growth has boosted demand and has given people a higher level of disposable income, in turn increasing propensity for goods available in other parts of the country and even other markets entirely. The rising cost of fuel is also affecting the industry. Socially, the growing middle-class of Myanmar are experiencing an increasing demand for travel and are looking to broaden their horizons. New technologies are making the flow of items faster and their production cheaper.

Who’s employing and what are the roles?

There are many multinational employers in the industry with a focus on transportation and storage on a global scale. Additionally, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the process. The State also plays a very important role, often organising the public transport in a region and subsidising the processes involved. This means that there are also a number of Government jobs available.

By land, rail, air or sea, a number of jobs are commonplace in transporting products and personnel, both within and between countries. Therefore jobs as a Driver, Bus Driver or a Taxi Driver are possible in both passenger transport and the movement of goods across land. Pilots transport longer distances via aviation. As products have to travel long distances, they need to be stored and ready for their distribution, hence necessitating the role of Warehouse Managers. The industry also relates to a wide number of categories and fields. Jobs in Accounting / Finance are always necessary in costing and budgeting potential transportation routes.

Can I work in the industry?

As travel plays an important role in the industry, many jobs relate to this. To fill one of these jobs, you are likely to require a licence to operate the necessary type of vehicle. For a car or bus, such a licence can be obtained more quickly and with fewer prerequisite qualifications than for those operating a ship or plane. For other jobs, the education required will be dependent upon whether it is an entry level or higher position.

Transportation and storage jobs in Myanmar are widespread and essential in today’s modern society where the movement of people and products is highly fluid. If you think that a job in the industry could be just the thing for you, apply through Everjobs now.