Barista jobs in Myanmar

Millions of litres of coffee are purchased and drunk every day all over the world. But who is making these? The answer is baristas. This role involves skillfully grinding coffee beans and using machines to produce coffee. Proof of the boom lies in the existence of Starbucks, whose green logo is now as recognisable worldwide in the same way as the ‘golden arches’ of McDonalds. Demand is at its peak during the morning when commuters make their way to work, but continues throughout the day and into the evening. As the economy of Myanmar grows, more and more people are working in better paying jobs and have the disposable income to purchase coffees and teas. Rather than simply brewing instant Nescafe at home, consumers have an increasing desire for lattes, mochas, espressos and cappuccinos from coffee shops. Someone has to create these drinks, and that person could be you! Working as a barista is usually an extremely social job as you spend the majority of your time interacting directly with customers. If you enjoy this interaction and meeting hundreds of new people every day, this could be just the job for you.

Barista jobs involve creating and serving customers their drinks and snack orders.These are frequently, but not exclusively, coffee-based. This is especially the case in Myanmar where there is a large desire for tea. A good knowledge about coffee is important, for example about the two common types of beans used: Arabica and Robusta. They should also know about different types of tea and various types of tea leaf that are used. The role involves following recipes to produce these drinks to set standards both of the organisation and the customer. As people often like to have small snacks to accompany their drink, the role also involves serving cookies, cakes and sandwiches to consumers. The service environment can be very fast paced as people are in a rush to get to work when they are waiting for their drinks. This means that as well as interacting with the customers and making the drinks, they also have to take care of restocking the shelves.

It is common to start out as a trainee on a fairly low salary, and then become an established barista when you have the relative experience and skill to properly produce the drinks. Experience and competence in the role can lead to being given increasing amounts of responsibility, for example becoming a shift supervisor – the worker who is in charge of those working at a particular time. Performing well when given additional responsibility and gaining more experience should lead to becoming the manager of a coffee shop. Positions exist both full and part-time. As the hours are fairly flexible, many people choose to work part-time in order to supplement themselves whilst studying at university. Working as a barista can be a great start to a career in the catering industry.


What does a barista do?

A number of tasks and responsibilities are common to the role:

    • Greet customers and take their orders
    • Fulfil the orders of customers
    • Make coffees, teas and other drinks
    • Serve baked and other food goods
    • Take payment from the customer
    • Weigh and grind beans
    • Prepare tea leaves
    • Clean the bar area

Do I have what it takes to work with coffee?

To become a barista, no degree level education is required. It is common to learn most of the skills on the job, however that is not to say it is an unskilled profession. There is a serious demand for high quality coffees, which is dictated in part by the skill of the barista. Getting the correct heat, smoothness and consistency are important and this takes experience. Most employers like you to have a high school qualification to prove your intelligence.

Due to the pace of the environment, you need to be organised and capable of making drinks very quickly to work in the role. You also need to be capable of multitasking. It is common to have to simultaneously produce several different drinks and prepare food, so you need to be able to juggle all these tasks successfully. Perhaps most important are your interpersonal skills – you need to have an excellent persona in dealing with the public. Customers can at times be challenging so patience is a virtue in the job role. Good listening skills are essential – customers hate nothing more than being given the wrong order. As you spend a lot of time your feet, decent stamina is required.

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