Bartending Jobs in Myanmar

The role is primarily focused on the serving of customers in bars, pubs and nightclubs. This involves interacting with customers, and taking their drinks orders. Bartender jobs involve making these drinks. As these establishments’ primary service is providing alcohol, bartenders make and serve alcoholic drinks to these customers. Drinking alcohol is both popular and commonplace in many countries across the world, although there are some for whom alcohol is against their religion. In Myanmar, however, it is legal to serve alcohol, and a large number of bars and nightclubs exist across the country. As people’s’ disposable income increases across the country, more bars and clubs are opening up. As a result, bartender jobs in Myanmar are increasing.

Bartending jobs are present in the Hospitality category which is focused on providing leisure services for people. Accordingly, after gaining experience in the role it may be possible to switch to other positions within the area such as Waiter / Waitress or Barista. There are also many management positions open in bars, meaning that with the right experience in bartending, you may be able to advance to a more senior role. Salaries in the role are variable but usually based on an hourly rate. The role also frequently offers flexible hours including evening and weekend shifts.

What is it like to work pouring drinks?

As a bartender, a number of tasks and responsibilities are common in the role:

  • Take orders from customers
  • Provide advice and recommendations about different types of drinks
  • Pour beverages including wine, beer, spirits, and soft drinks
  • Mix ingredients for cocktails
  • Cut garnishes such as lemons and limes for drinks and cocktails
  • Serve small food items and snacks such as crisps or nuts
  • Check identification of customers to validate their legal age
  • Restock the bar supplies
  • Wipe tables and surfaces
  • Clean the bar and wash glasses
  • Close the bar after customers have left

How to become a bartender

A degree-level qualification is not required to work in the role. However, employers are likely to look for candidates who have finished school as a sign of competence. Some experience is also highly desirable as the role does require some skill. If you have no experience, you may be able to undertake a couple of trial shifts whereby you work in a bar for a night without being paid.

In order to fill bartender vacancies, it is essential that you have good interpersonal skills as the role involves dealing extensively with customers. It is important to be friendly and helpful, even if you’re busy in order to provide a good image of the bar. It’s also important to have good hand-eye coordination so that you can pour drinks and restock the shelves easily without spilling things.

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