Want to be a cashier in Myanmar?

What actually is there in being a cashier?

In most businesses a cashier is the person who interacts with customer in the final steps of their buying cycle. The cashier will usually take payment, give a receipt and keep count of their till for the duration of their shift. Which means that you have the responsibility of getting the cash for the company. In a cashier job you are also the face of the company, as in most cases the cashier is the first point of contact for a customer and the last. You can work either part time or full time depending on your needs and the needs of the business. This can be a great start to your career as this is a great way to get to know your customers, and employers will always know that. As a result, climbing the ladder of success becomes one step easier, starting a career in accounting for example.

So what exactly would you be doing?

As we mentioned earlier most tasks would be related to collection of money but that is not the only thing, you would in fact be involved with various other activities. Let us explain a few in brief

  • Greeting the customer like a receptionist in the hotel industry for instance
  • Handling of money and providing the customer with receipts and change
  • Wrapping of purchases depending on the business
  • Doing CRM (Customer Relations Management) by answering to the customer’s queries
  • Management of customers with loyalty cards and other bonuses
  • And counting the money generated by the end of day.

The above mentioned tasks would be undertaken most often. Though it is not an exhaustive list it will definitely give you an idea of the responsibilities that you will have.

What does a good cashier need?

In terms of education there are no specific requirements but for a full time position an employer might prefer an applicant with a high school diploma. As cashier jobs are mostly an entry level position, employers probably won’t be looking for much past experience if any. The job requires you to handle money, which means it would be advantageous if you are good with numbers. Good listening skills combined with patience would enable you deal well with difficult customers. Also a fluent speaker will have an added advantage and being friendly would help you in greeting the customers. We would recommend you to start working on that smile as it can go a long way when dealing with customers. As the saying goes, most smiles are started by another smile.

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