Are you interested in a Data Entry Operator job in Myanmar?

Why is a Data Entry Operator needed?

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves”

Tim Berners-Lee

The above statement rings true in today’s world. In the era of digitization everything is now electronic which means it’s all converted to data. Just think, these days most of  your communications, transactions, interactions are electronic. Data has grown so much in the past few years, that  a new term that has come up,  ‘Big Data’. Which means big voluminous amounts of structured or semi structured data. Therefore data is important for organizations whether big or small. But an organization needs a team to maintain this data, this is where the data entry operator comes in.

With Myanmar’s booming economy there has been an increase in business. And most of these companies deal with data. Thus there has been an increase in the number of data entry vacancies. If you are looking for data entry jobs in Myanmar, now is the time to apply.

What does a data entry operator do?

To sum it up, this is the person who stores and maintains data in respective databases. As a data entry operator you would enter and store data in computer systems and archives. Though the type of data you handle and the computer systems that are to be maintained essentially depends on the sector your organization is present in. But the basic nature of the task remains the same, i.e. to store and maintain data. Most software developers need to perform the tasks of a data operator initially to understand the kind of data that flows within the organization.

What are the main responsibilities?

Your responsibilities will vary depending on the organization. If you work for a sales company , you might be responsible for entering data about new clients or customers. If it is a research firm, you might be required to handle the survey results.

To make it easier for you we have gathered a broader set of responsibilities which are associated with a data entry operator. They are as follows:

  • Compile and sort documents for data entry

  • Accuracy in compilation and interpretation of data

  • Update data and delete the unnecessary files

  • Perform timely checks

  • Maintaining confidentiality of important information

What are the requirements?

A high school diploma with basic computer literacy is a must. Though no particular technical skills are required for a data entry operator job but a training certificate in basic software used in offices is a plus.  For example Microsoft Office, Google Spreadsheets and SQL databases are some of the most common ones being used.

Oral and mathematical skills can also be helpful in getting a job. But it depends more on the type of organization. As organizations which needs you to deal with spreadsheets would require someone with a sound mathematical background. Someone who can understand and interpret the formulas written. Typing speed is given a strong emphasis in such jobs. We would say a typing speed of 50-60 words a minute is a decent one. If you have past experience in this field, then you could also start as a computer operator. Though some companies would not mind a beginner but in that case a degree in computer sciences might be a minimum.