Get A New Job Driving in Myanmar

If you’re looking for a new full or part time driving position in Myanmar, Everjobs has a comprehensive range of job listings in this fast growing sector, with the country’s top employers offering competitive salaries and good working conditions in all parts of the country and in all kinds of driving jobs.

Why Consider Driver Jobs In Myanmar?

The last five or so years have seen very strong growth in Myanmar, both in the tourist industry and in infrastructure development as well as in the wider economy. This has led to a great increase in the supply of open positions for driver jobs in Myanmar, with vacancies for full time jobs and part time employment alike. In the tourism industry, opportunities exist as a personal driver to show tourists the delights of the country, providing local knowledge and advice,. Companies in the hospitality sector are among the top recruiters for drivers, while there is always a demand for knowledgeable locals to work as a taxi driver for the cab companies, ferrying tourists efficiently around the crowded streets with the minimum of fuss. The booming construction industry means there are plenty of driver job vacancies for heavy vehicles of all types, whether it be on construction sites themselves or in haulage around the country. With business performing so strongly, many executives are looking for drivers to take them safely and comfortably from meeting to meeting, and these positions offer among the best wages and working conditions in the sector.

Requirements for Driver Jobs in Myanmar

Other than the relevant clean driving licence (for light and/or heavy vehicles) no particular qualifications are usually necessary for a driving job in Myanmar. However, most driver positions ask for a High School education level (GCE, O-Level or equivalent). Experience is always a bonus, with many positions asking for a minimum of two years, and a minimum age requirement of 25 years is common. The applicant for driver job vacancies should have the ability to drive vehicles with both manual and automatic transmissions. Especially in the tourist sector, a good working knowledge of English is desirable, and this can also be very helpful for business drivers too. As far as payment goes, a driver salary in Myanmar will depend on which kind of vehicle is driven and in which industry. Overtime may be available, and some personal driving positions also include accommodation and food.

If you have a clean driving license, experience, and want to benefit from the exciting opportunities offered by driver job vacancies, apply now on to find your ideal position from our range of driver jobs in Myanmar.