Electrical Engineer Jobs in Myanmar

In an increasingly interconnected world, electricity plays an important part in sustaining our communication. Electrical engineer jobs involve the design, development and maintenance of electrical systems. The job involves the implementation of electricity into devices, including some of the newest innovations meaning that it is a career in constant evolution. Adherence to cost, quality and sustainability are important in order to create commercially competitive products in the field. As the requirement for electricity is so widespread, electrical engineer vacancies exist in a wide range of areas including building, transportation, manufacturing and generation and distribution of power. As the skills and qualifications involved are considered internationally valid, electrical engineer jobs are highly transferable giving the role established international credibility. As these positions are spread through a number of industries, salaries are highly variable but normally very competitive. Electrical engineer jobs in Myanmar are not the only engineering based positions possible, vacancies also exist in other engineering disciplines including chief engineer, flight engineer and mechanical engineer.

What does an Electrical Engineer do?

Commonly, they work in project-based teams both with other engineers and specialists in other areas including in business, marketing and other engineering disciplines. Depending on the company that the engineer works for, they may be involved through the entire design and development stage or only at a single point in the process. Tasks and responsibilities common to the role include:

    • Identification of customer requirements and the design of systems to meet these requirements
    • Research solutions and estimate the time and costs involved
    • Understanding and interpretation of technical content and design specifications
    • Production of and development of prototypes with the use of design software
    • Analysis and testing of electrical installations
    • Inspection and maintenance of systems
    • Writing technical reports about electrical equipment

What do I need in order to fill an Electrical Engineer vacancy?

Extensive technical knowledge and understanding of electrical equipment is important for a job in the field and therefore a relevant bachelor’s degree is a necessity for any electrical engineer jobs in Myanmar . Additionally, many companies require applicants to have a supplementary master’s degree in the area. For higher vacancies, applicants would also require extensive experience in the area. The job roles also contain considerable education on site.

Applicants should have a strong background in science and math as the job role requires significant technical understanding. As a lot of work is conducted using computers, knowledge of their working is also desirable. Excellent problem-solving skills in combination with a creative brain are required in order to be able to understand and overcome issues. This is often especially important in the product development stage as they are responsible for coming up with innovative means of supplying power to the product. Communication and interpersonal skills also play an important role – as electrical engineers often work in multidisciplinary teams, they need to be capable of communicating technical information to colleagues so it is easily understood. Which means they also require a good team ethic in order to work productively with their team members. The job role also involves extensive writing of technical reports and the presentation of material, meaning these communication skills are an especially important component of the job role.

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