Looking for a finance and accounting job in Myanmar?

Jobs in finance and accounting are amongst the most sought after jobs after graduation. And for a good reason: salaries in the finance or accounting industry can reach high numbers if you manage to climb to a high position, especially in the banking sector.
Accountants and finance specialists are needed in all industry sectors, from retail to service companies, and the economic development of Myanmar creates a lot of job opportunities in accounting and finance. The local companies as well as the international companies in Myanmar need finance specialists, tax advisers and bookkeepers to manage their budgets and investments. Since Myanmar has specific accounting rules and book and records standard, local accountants have high chances to get a job as financial accountants in big companies.

What jobs can you get in finance and accounting?

There are multiple fields and jobs within finance and accounting.
First, financial services involve many different job descriptions. Financial analysts gather data about markets, companies and industries, risk managers help companies assess the risks of each possible decision. Money advisers help individual people manage their income and reduce their debts.
Investment management is centered on the companies’ assets and cash flows. Asset managers will take care of the company’s property, while a credit manager will help collect the customer’s payments. In this category we also find the pension managers and administrators.
Tax advisers help the companies make the best choices regarding the taxes they pay, and payroll managers take care of the salary distribution within a company. Finally, accountants manages the accounting data of a company. A position as senior accountant or chief accountant usually guarantees a high remuneration.

Which qualifications and skills do you need for a finance or accounting job?

Accountants and finance managers have to pay attention to detail, they can be very focused, have an analytic mind and of course like to work with numbers. For working as an accountant, an accounting qualification is necessary, or at least a degree in business. Jobs in finance are highly competitive and it is often necessary to do an internship or apprenticeship before landing a full time job.
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