A growing number of job opportunities in telecommunications in Myanmar

Telecommunications are all the services that allow for a distance communication mostly using electronic networks, such as the internet, mobile network, or telephone. As they allow for fast and convenient transmission of information, telecommunication services have been crucial to the economy’s development since they exist, and today are an essential staple of Myanmar’s economic growth. The telecommunication sector is in need of technicians, engineers, but also marketers and finance specialist to take care of the expansion of the telecommunication system in Myanmar.
The challenges in Myanmar regarding telecommunication is huge: as of today, 90% of the Burmese population still has no access to mobile communications. Benefitting from the investment and knowledge of major foreign telecommunication companies, it is to hope that Myanmar can bridge this huge communication gap quickly thanks to modern mobile technologies directly imported and implemented in Burma, without going through the whole innovation process.

Two main actors on the telecommunication sector: Ooredoo and Telenor

The entire telecommunication network in Myanmar, once owned only by the Burmese government’s organization Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications, is now operated by the qatari Ooredoo and the Norwegian Telenor, two companies chosen in 2013 by The Myanmar Telecommunications Operator Tender Evaluation and Selection Committee.
These two telecommunication providers formed joint ventures with the government in Myanmar and are involved in building infrastructures, like for instance a 3G network, all around the country. They also offer their telecom services to the population of Myanmar.
That is the reason why Ooredoo and Myanmar are now amongst the most popular employers in Myanmar, offering multiple career path and the possibility for locals to join an international company with worldwide recognition. Joining an international telecommunication firm is highly rewarding and who know, might offer you the possibility to work abroad and build an international career in the telecom industry.

What kind of jobs can you get in the telecommunication services?

As every industry, the telecommunication sector needs all kinds of competencies.
Field technicians take care of the maintenance the physical networks while a network technician operates mostly on a computer level.
Information technology managers are mostly from a business background but need solid technical understanding and are in charge of exploiting the network for practical uses.
telecommunication firms also need CRM specialist to help the end customers use their services, marketing managers to promote the products, finance specialists, accountants, etc.