Looking for an IT/Software job?

The software industry is booming everywhere in the world and Myanmar is not left behind. With the economic growth come a huge demand for software development and IT specialists from local companies, but also from international firms such as Telenor who are willing to conquer the market of Myanmar. Meanwhile, the use of the Internet is spreading in Myanmar, especially through mobile, and therefore there is a greater need for web developers, especially PHP web developers, which can now pretend to high salaries.

Which job related to IT is made for you?

There are multiple jobs in the information technology field, and new specializations are created everyday to follow the speed of innovation.
A lot of computing jobs are about technical support. Sometimes called “desk operators”, people working in technical support are in charge of maintaining the computer system and network of your company or clients. Computer technicians have to solve both hardware and software related issues.
Another field of IT is programming. Software programmers, or computer programmers, work on software systems, from the designing to the coding. To become a computer programmer, you will need an software engineering or computer science degree, and have proficient programming skills.
Network engineers implement and maintain communication networks between companies or within a company. People working as network engineers are sometimes also called network administrators.

Where to get a IT degree in Myanmar?

To get a job related to software and IT, an IT-related degree is necessary. For this you have several options in Myanmar: the University of Computer studies or GUSTO Institute of information technology in Yangon offers programming courses, but you can also access open universities online to learn how to code.