Sales Job in Myanmar

Sales jobs are one of the most amazing job profiles and with new business demands coming up there is also an increasing demand for sales personnel in Myanmar. In the end of every business activity there is a transaction during which the product or the service produced by the company is sold to the customer. Therefore the role of sales manager becomes crucial in a business: he/she must be able to convince the customer to buy the product or service of his company.

Responsibilities of a Sales officer

Sales managers must be able to negotiate with the clients, should be able to present the product in the best possible way to the customer’s and convince him of its benefits. The sales manager is the one responsible for establishing and maintaining strong relationships throughout the sales cycle. Some of the most common responsibilities of sales managers that exist across industries (although they won’t be same everywhere) are as follow:

  • Responsible for appropriately presenting the product/service to customers
  • Responsible for negotiating with the customer
  • Responsible for conveying the customer requirements to product management department
  • Responsible for the delivery of the product/service
  • Responsible for maintaining good relationships with dealers and wholesalers

Qualifications required for a sales manager role in Myanmar

For a sales manager, strong social skills are required, as you will be interacting with the customers. You also need a high empathic abilities as your job will be to understand the needs of the customers and anticipate them, even when he doesn’t know them himself. Most of all, a sales manager needs a positive mindset and the ability to handle rejections. Remember not every customer will be having the same needs, more important is to be able to understand the needs of the customer during the negotiation process. The self motivation to convince someone, initiate a buying process and then lead it to completion is the key to be a successful sales manager. Qualifications that may improve your chances to bag a sales job are:

  • A bachelors or a masters degree in business management or marketing
  • A graduate degree in media and PR studies
  • An experience in the sales force of any firm

But mostly, especially in recruitment drives for sales forces , it has been observed that the above mentioned qualifications are add-ons. Mostly firms look for the right personality, positive attitude, communication skills and commercial awareness while hiring personnel for their sales force. Candidates with work experience in a customer-facing environment manage to stand out because of these learnings that they gather in their experience.

Sales jobs for entry level graduates

For entry level various firms have come with graduate training programs, where companies recruit for sales positions as part of their graduate training portfolio and training their graduates, mostly for a year, to hone their skills and then send them to the field for joining sales teams.